Contig v1.8

Using Contig

Contig is a utility that defragments a specified file or files. Use it to optimize execution of your frequently used files.


\src\Contig\Release\Contig.exe [-a] [-s] [-q] [-v] [existing file]

or \src\Contig\Release\Contig.exe [-f] [-q] [-v] [drive:]

or \src\Contig\Release\Contig.exe [-v] [-l] -n [new file] [new file length]

  • a Analyze fragmentation
  • f Analyze free space fragmentation
  • l Set valid data length for quick file creation (requires administrator rights)
  • q Quiet mode
  • s Recurse subdirectories
  • v Verbose

Contig can also analyze and defragment the following NTFS metadata files:


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